This November, every resident of Lancaster County will have the chance to make our community a better place to play, explore and enjoy by voting in favor of the Parks & Recreation bond.

This only happens when we all vote on November 6th

Why are we voting?

The average amount spent on recreation by counties in South Carolina is $50 per person each year. In Lancaster County, only $13 per person is spent each year. The $19 million bond amounts to only a $16 increase annually on a $100,000 home but will provide numerous improvements to the county’s sports, nature, and arts facilities.

Average amount spent on recreation

Per person, per year

Other Counties in South Carolina

Lancaster County, South Carolina

The $19 million bond amounts to


*Based on a home value of $100,000

That’s Less Than…

One Movie Ticket & Popcorn



A Large Pizza

Attractive Destination For Businesses

These improvements are not only vital to the health and wellness of our citizens, but also to the economic health and wellness of our county. A study performed by Clemson University revealed that our county is deficient in tax-funded recreation spending and that citizens surveyed were willing to pay substantially more annually to improve Lancaster’s recreational offerings. Hear from executives at LPL Financial and the Lash Group about how York County has invested in recreational spaces and made themselves a more attractive destination for corporations, in this video from I-77 Alliance.

something for everyone

The bond covers a variety of projects throughout the county.



More fields and improved recreational facilities are needed to accommodate our growing population.



Preserving the beauty of our natural spaces gives our community a place to relax and enjoy.



Improving a historic venue will give added life to the performing arts.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bond?

A bond is a debt instrument that a government may issue to borrow for capital improvements and other projects. Issuing bonds is a way for the government to finance capital projects and pay for them over time. State and local governments use bonds to raise capital to finance public capital improvements and other projects. Assets can be acquired as needed by spreading the cost of the capital asset to those who benefit from it now and in the future.

Who pays?

The bonds are repaid with property tax revenues paid by Lancaster County business and residential property owners.

How much will it cost citizens annually?

The annual tax increase is $16.00 on a $100,000 home. The Clemson study boasts that 97% of people surveyed are willing to pay more taxes for improved recreation facilities.